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Nigel and Julie are keen local growers; Nigel is a scientist and teacher whose focus is mainly on apples; Julie has wider knowledge and experience in growing a large variety of fruit, flowers and vegetables. She is an experienced artist with an interest in nature, especially ornithology, and has expertise in printing, I.T. and filming.

Julie and Nigel initially collaborated on a few videos based on events on their own plots, but it soon became clear that other activities were worth filming. As joint organiser of Leicestershire Heritage Apples Project, Nigel came into contact with some of the volunteers working on other interesting projects - and Julie was asked to film some of them.

Julie and Nigel are now involved with a number of other schemes and organizations: they are documenting the progress of a number of projects and providing assistance where they can. 'Their' projects include: setting up a new orchard at Foxton Locks, training events at Brock's Hill, orchard maintenance at Cotesbach, setting up a Carers' Community Garden, assisting the Grafters and Growers in setting up a virtual orchard, and setting up a one-acre organic orchard at Botcheston. No doubt there will soon be others.

Note from ND - It soon struck us that many of the volunteers in these projects are unaware of similar schemes taking place in other parts of the county. A volunteer in one group may wish to become involved in another. This is the reason for constructing this website: to increase awareness of other "Gardeners and Growers" groups.