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More seeds and pots bought, seeds sowed and beds planted with flowers.

Julie's Allotment - Seeds and Beds - 31st May 2015

Well the rhubarb I grew from seed this year was another success, this time its the Victoria variety.  Today I potted them on into 3 litre pots with the assistance of Shreena.

Julie's Allotment - Victoria Rhubarb Update 2015 - 31st May 2015

Another bed introduced today, tomatoes, cucumbers and left over climbing French Beans planted into 2 raised beds.  Also sowed some more seeds for next years benefit.

Julie's Allotment - New Raised Bed and Seeds - 30th May 2015

Nothing really exciting in this video, just me sowing seeds and having a little natter.

Julie's Allotment - Sowing Perennials - 29th May 2015

5 new raised beds added, first strawberries and more seeds bought :)

Julie's Allotment - New beds in place - 28th May 2015

Another project starts on my plot and Shreena gives an appearance :) and helping hand with some weeding.

Julie's Allotment - More change!!! - 26th May 2015

A tour of the plot and tunnels

Julie's Allotment - Looking around the plot - 24th May 2015

The Foxgloves I sowed last month are now ready to be potted on, today I start with 30.

Julie's Allotment - Foxglove Potting On - 24th May 2015

Today I have a natter at the allotment, my dad shows an appearance, I visit a local garden centre, sow some more seeds and I plant out some plants into my garden..

Julie's Allotment - A variety of Content - 23rd May 2015

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