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Today's video was created in May 2015 and relates to a video uploaded on 5th Jan 2016 where I transplant the poppies.

Julie's Allotment - Growing Guide - Sowing Oriental Poppies - 23rd May 2015

A little chat about my experiences growing Strawberry plants and showing you what varieties I am currently growing.

Julie's Allotment - A chat about Strawberry Plants - 21st May 2015

Today I transplanted the beans into their two beds, a little earlier than usual for me but they are in the netted enclosure which will offer some protection should there be a frost.

Julie's Allotment - Climbing French Bean Update - 21st May 2015

All 3 Loganberry bushes are now starting to flower and there is lots of them, it looks very much like last years crop will be beaten by a long way.

Julie's Allotment - Loganberry Update - 20th May 2015

  It's going to be an interesting year watching these and my other flowers grow especially as I won't know what some of them are as they were either an annual mix or perennial mix.

Julie's Allotment - Flower Bed Update - 20th May 2015

A quick look at the plots on the way down to mine in the evening and a hello from dad, he's a little camera shy.  It was a very showery day with heavy rain and hail storms so no work done.

Julie's Allotment - A glance at other plots - 19th May 2015

Well chuffed with the water collection off the new polytunnel, collected 50 litres of rain water last night.

Julie's Allotment - water collection update - 18th May 2015

Some advice for those thinking of following in my footsteps and getting their own allotment.  Also Shreena makes an appearance and transplants a few tomato plants, something she has never done before.

Julie's Allotment - Advice for newbies Ep. 1 - 17th May 2015

Walking down the plot, foxgloves, perennials and lots more talked about.

Julie's Allotment - Sowing and more update - 16th May 2015

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