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Evening all, well its confirmed my polyanthus for the challenge I set are now coming through.  If you are joining me with the challenge, make sure the soil remains damp and ideally at a temp of 10 to 15c for germination.

Julie's Allotment - Polyanthus Challenge Update - 16th May 2015

A look inside the tunnels, the new fruit on the Pear and Plum trees and quick look around.  In a rush today but hopefully tomorrow I can be more organised and create a video with something interesting.

Julie's Allotment - Polytunnels and Fruit - 15th May 2015

A look around the two polytunnels at how everything is growing.

Julie's Allotment - Polytunnel update - 12th May 2015

Today I show you how I transplant Zinnia, Zinnia are notorious for not liking there roots disturbed but personally I have never had a problem but there is always a first time :)

Julie's Allotment - Transplanting Zinnia and a chat - 11th May 2015

A little chat about the self setting polyanthus.

Julie's Allotment - Polyanthus update - 10th May 2015

More Dahlias transplanted, been a good start for my first year growing them from seed.

Julie's Allotment - Dwarf Dahlias and a chat - 10th May 2015

A tip on saving time and soil in potting on plants in tubs.

Julie's Allotment - Potting Tip - 10th May 2015

We knew it was coming, I ran out of space in the large tunnel so I have brought some staging from home to enable me to start potting on the Dahlias, Zinnias and Tomatoes.

Julie's Allotment - More staging! - 9th May 2015

Well after the recent rains the weeds have been flourishing but thankfully today I got of the orchard and raspberry area and the grass had its weekly cut :)

Julie's Allotment - Tidy Up Time - 8th May 2015

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