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Today I start to transplant the Showcase Dahlias into pots, only 15 done so far and lots more to transplant over the coming weeks. I have 5 varieties of Dahlias that I am growing from seed.

Julie's Allotment - Potting on Showcase Dahlias - 8th May 2015

A look at various aspects of allotment including carrots, strawberry plants etc

Julie's Allotment - Tunnel & Plot update - 7th May

A look inside the garden polytunnel and back garden blooms.

Julie's Allotment - Garden Polytunnel - 7th May 2015

I have now sowed the polyanthus seeds for the challenge and show you the seedlings from what I sowed a month ago.

Julie's Allotment - Polyanthus Challenge - 5th May 2015

A chat about the kohl rabi transplanted and what else has been happening.  What I forgot to mention was that Nigel visited my home has cross pollinated 50 blossoms.

Julie's Allotment - Kohl Rabi and a natter :) - 4th May 2015

A look at the Loganberries, raspberries, inside the netted enclosure and the two polytunnels.

Julie's Allotment - A look around plot and polytunnels - 3rd May 2015

Here I am chatting about growing rhubarb, I have grown Champagne, Glaskins Perpetual, Early Red and Victoria from seed with great success.

Julie's Allotment - A chat about Rhubarb - 3rd May 2015

No filming from allotment today but there is a verbal update followed by a look around my art studio.  More work seen on my art page... www.facebook.com/JulieDrakeArtist/

Julie's Art Studio - Allotment & Art - 2nd May 2015

A variety of conversation about what’s growing, transplanting carrots and some advice on looking after fruit trees I picked up from Nigel.

Julie's Allotment - Update - 1st May 2015

Another busy month on Julie’s Allotment

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