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I discuss what’s good about having a plot, what’s needed in time and what I forgot to discuss is the myth that veg is cheaper to grow on a plot than buying.  I have had lengthy discussions on our allotment and the old timers all agree its a myth.  

Julie's Allotment - Benefits, Pitfalls and Myths of an Allotment - 28th June 2015

Local Apple expert Nigel is back in front of the camera and gives us another interesting chat about apples.  Nigel has over 300 apple trees.

Nigel Gives a Early Season Apple Update - 26th June 2015

Maurice gives us an update to his allotment, showing us all the plants as they are now.  Also a glimpse into his tunnel.

Julie's Allotment - Update from Maurice's Plot - 26th June 2015

Well, I can confirm that my Lupins have been a success growing from seed, transplanted my first 15 today. Expect to get around 40.

Julie's Allotment - Lupin Update - 22nd June 2015

Cooler day, not much sunshine so didn't need to do so much watering which gave me the time to pot on more perennials. 60 in total plus 15 foxgloves.

Julie's Allotment - Update - 19th June 2015

A little chat and quick look at what has been happening on the plot.

Julie's Allotment - A natter - 17th June 2015

A mix of content from chat to looking around at what is happening after the heavy rain of the past two days.

Julie's Allotment - Update - 14th June 2015

After the rains of yesterday, everything is looking fresh, new growth and new blooms.

Julie's Garden - Back garden update - 14th June 2015

A chat about my failures, mistakes, plants and soft fruit.

Julie's Allotment - Failures, Tunnels and Fruit - 11th June 2015

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