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A quick visit to the allotments today but still potted up 25 Perennial flowers.  Amazed at just how many different flowers germinated in the trays from one packet of seeds.

Julie's Allotment - Perennials - 10th June 2015

How I water in the tunnels, as you can see nothing special about my way of doing it.  Just remember to use a low flow nozzle or what ever they are called :)

Julie's Allotment - Watering (Bills Request) - 9th June 2015

A look at the front garden, not fully out in flower but still looks good and should look great in a few weeks.

Julie's Front Garden - 7th June 2015

A little thank you and some advice for those new to gardening :)

Julie's Allotment - Thanks and Newbie Advice - 7th June 2015

Enjoyed doing today's video and had a productive day between the Allotment and garden. Lots of fruit forming, the bees are doing there pollinating and more seeds are germinating.

Julies Allotment - Looking Close up - 6th June 2015

A day late but some may enjoy it.  Hopefully tomorrow I will produce some thing new.

Julie's Allotment - This and That - 4th June 2015

The two new beds are now filled, the strawberries are growing well and looks like being a good crop.

Julie's Garden - Beds and Strawberries - 5th June 2015

After the 70 mph gusts I take a look around the plot and pleasantly surprised that there wasn't major fruit loss.  Germination and seedlings are now growing quickly with the warmer weather.   

Julie's Allotment - Plot & Tunnels - 3rd June 2015

If you haven't seen a rhubarb plant with seeds formed then you may like this short video.  have found you don't need to do.

Julie's Allotment - A look at a Seeded Rhubarb Plant - 3rd June 2015

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