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The organic gardens at Cotesbach are an important source of pesticide-free tasty fruit and veg for people in the Lutterworth area. In addition, the gardens are part of the Cotesbach Hall Estate; they are full of history.

The walled vegetable garden was established in the mid-1700s by the Rector, John Fanshawe. During Victoria's reign it was a productive kitchen garden and orchard, providing food for the Marriotts and other residents of the estate.

In the 50s, before the supermarkets became established, it was run as a market garden. This ceased when increasing economy of scale gave the big producers a near-complete monopoly. Globalisation, mass importing of staple foods and chemical control transformed the food supply and the UK farming system in just two generations. This made food much cheaper, but not everything about the change was positive.

During the early 90s the garden began to be cultivated again, using organic methods, producing food seasonally and cleanly, with respect for the soil and the organisms it supports. At present no food is bought in, so at certain times of year the supply is  limited and weather dependent, but it is still possible to forage around and have something green with every meal.

Nature sets the pace; volunteers are always needed. Please get in touch if you'd like to help whether in the garden, harvesting or in our shop 'The Larder' in The Stable Yard. The web address is www.cotesbach.net

Orchard working party

Organic Veg

Work party on the orchard

In this video I visit a local Hall where I meet up with Nigel and a group of volunteers and Sophy (who lives there) to film pruning in one of the orchards.

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