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Are you a Carer

Community Garden Project

(WYKIN Leicestershire)

Do you look after a family member or friend and live local ?  If so you maybe interested in either visiting our community garden/orchard to relax for an hour or so or take part in a little community gardening and a social cuppa.

Maybe you are unable to get away, well you can still take part by participating in a virtual garden.  What is a virtual garden I hear you asking, well its basically a raised bed that you sponsor, you provide the cash to buy the seeds, compost, plants etc. and we grow it for you with regular video updates and social network updates.

If you live in Leicestershire and are a carer, please get in touch with VASL, their number and email address are below.  They are a wonderful resource that can provide support for you.

An unusual new project is starting up soon at Wykin. Many people of all ages are now involved in looking after disabled or elderly people. We all know at least one person who looks after elderly parents, and it can be a full time job.

Carers, like the people they serve, need somewhere to relax and 'chill out'. One way of doing this is to learn new skills - and there's nowhere better to do this than in a community garden, finding out how to grow flowers, vegetables and fruit from people who have done it before.

We are therefore looking for people to become involved in this project - and not just carers. People at work know how deadly it can be socialising with colleagues - and it's the same here; we need a significant number who are NOT carers so we get an interesting mix and not too much 'talking shop'.

If you would like to be involved, please get in touch.

All being well we should be up and running  at some point in the next few months. We are looking for people who would like to participate REGULARLY in gradually turning a grassed area into a community garden containing flowers, fruit, vegetables, herbs; we would like a few people with gardening skills to keep us going in the right direction but the main quality we need is enthusiasm.

To be involved in this project, either as an organizer or as a volunteer, we will need your name, contact details and location. Please send a private message with this information if you would like to take part. (email julie.drake@gmail.com or diversity@btinternet.com) We will also need to know whether or not you are a carer (we need to recruit non-carers too).