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Julie has recorded over 900 videos from her allotments, friends allotments, Horticultural Shows, Wine Making and many other topics related to gardening.  She is now actively involved in many horticultural projects by filming their progress for future generations to watch.

Home Projects Growing with Julie Leicestershire Heritage Apples Master Gardeners Forum Contact

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There is a network of gardeners and growers all over Leicestershire.

Organic growers such as those at Botcheston (Raw n Pure) and Cotesbach Organic Gardens supply pesticide-free, fresh tasting produce to local people.

Volunteer groups involved with local projects improve the local environment; everything from clearing old canal towpaths to grafting new apple trees or establishing new community orchards.

People working on allotments and community gardens often want to share their skills. This might be something as simple as 'how to plant a potato' or 'how to prune your apple tree' or 'this is how you raise tomatoes from seed'.

There are flower enthusiasts and vegetable growers and people who like clearing waste land and scrubland and putting something worthwhile in its place.

The purpose of this website is to link up some of these Leicestershire groups so that people become aware of the wider picture. Perhaps you are in a group and would like to get involved with another. Look no further!

Watch the intro… https://youtu.be/Ucocsmyie5g

Judith Egan Judith Egan digging for victory :) Apple tasting

Apple Tasting

Nigel getting stuck in.

Judith full of energy